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From the idea of “Joining hands against COVID-19 in the most effective way”, SDC Company launched a Protective Face Shield product to prevent the spread of Covid-19 epidemic today.

Product quality insurance

Anti-epidemic protection face shield have been widely used with positive feedback from the community, high quality products and safe for users.

Joining the world against Covid-19

Helping people prevent infection in places of high contact such as nurses, doctors, waiters, salespeople, delivery, marketing, security guards, parking agents…


Protect children and adults against Covid-19 epidemic


Help prevent effective droplets, prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease


Suitable for those who work in the conditions to contact many people such as: sales staff, nurses, doctors, marketing staff, technicians, security guards, gatekeepers, security staff car …

Quick guide & how to preserve it

Peel off 2 layers of protective film before use
Can increase or decrease your head round as required
The product can be washed with water, glass cleaner, soft clean cloth
Do not use alcohol to wash, or place near a hot object. This shield is not impact resistant

Watch video clip on how to remove protective film

Product information


  • Small size: 30 x 13cm
  • Large size:  30 x 22cm

Material :

  • 0.42zem thick PVC film, *especially without causing eyestrain


*And other colors according to customers’ requirements

Safety for the user

  1. Waterproof, does not cause skin allergies.

  2. The cable behind the back of the head can be customized to create a comfortable feeling without causing ear aches and headaches

  3. Do not cause discomfort to the eyes if required to wear regularly

  4. The product is safe for users, especially for children.

Use face shield in life


Use face shield in reality at Co.opMart

view more photos


If you are interested in the product “Anti-epidemic Protective Face Shield Covid-19” was made by our company, please leave a message to us via Zalo or Hotline, we will contact you immediately!

0902 68 69 68

*Announcing the standard applied from March 10, 2020

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